Minimal Studio Inspiration

Hello lovelies, 

Hope your having a wonderful weekend. As I get closer to buying my first home, i'm finding myself fully immersed in the world of Pinterest. Having had to move from a spacious studio to a desk in my bedroom, the room i'm most excited about doing is the studio for Fox + Lilly. I've certainly found that my motivation levels have massively dropped whilst having my small business cramped in to my bedroom. Over the past few months i've been collecting inspiration of beautiful minimal studio spaces that make my heart flutter. 

I really love the white walls with small accents of grey, blush and wooden furniture. I like the idea of having storage above the desk, or shelves for my favourite pictures and prints. I'd like to say i'd have lots of plants in the studio, but i'm terrible at keeping them alive. I was one of those children who could never keep their tamagotchi alive for more than a couple of days. My dream desk is the Linnmon/Finnvard Desk, with a white top and wooden trestles. Below are some of my favourite images I've pinned on Pinterest to my Home board.

*All images are from Pinterest. Please visit my pinterest board and click on the images to be taken to their original source*

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